Day one of the demolition: September 6, 2014

We stripped all the plaster and lathe from the bathroom walls. Those skinny horizontal boards are lathe for those who have never experienced tearing down walls in an older home. Plaster is pushed between the slats and smoothed flat to become walls.


Bathroom blog-5


Plaster is extremely heavy and we carried bucket after bucket down steep stairs into a large dumpster in our driveway. In case you’re wondering, we filled this entire dumpster.  Besides the bathroom, we also gutted the downstairs office and living room.


Here is a picture of the bathroom with the tub…

Bathroom blog-6

And here is a picture with the tub smashed into a million pieces. Derek took a sledge hammer to it and it eventually gave away.

Bathroom blog-8

Here is another picture taken from the former hall closet looking at the entrance of the bathroom.

Note: the hallway is to the right, still in the red wallpaper.

Bathroom blog-9

I stripped the three layers of old paint off the window and door frame. It was a very tedious, messy process that took me a month to complete.

Bathroom blog-11

Finally done with the paint stripping. This picture still contains the old windows. We replaced all of our windows to energy efficient vinyl windows in March. At the time I didn’t know we were going to replace them, so it ended up being a waste of time stripping the window.

Bathroom blog-12

We decided to use white subway tiles for the shower. We used gray grout to keep with the older time period. I did the tiling and Derek did the cutting of the titles. The shower may look small, but because of the angle, there were a LOT of cuts.

For several months we walked over dusty floor boards and exposed pipes to use our only shower in the house. The electricity was not hooked up yet, so we used free standing work lights on extension cords to light the bathroom. Fun times.

Bathroom blog-10

The bathroom renovation took approximately eight months to complete. While we did not work on it constantly, we spent many long hours working in this tiny space.



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