Upcycled Painted Dresser

From Trash (literally) to Treasure!

Living in an old house means that storage is minimal so there is always a need for other means of storage.

My husband was walking the dog one day and found this dresser along the curb. I came racing home from work with the SUV and hauled it home. I painted it and turned it into a fun piece of furniture.

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Sunshine Yellow Garden Stool

For a while now I have been eying those trendy ceramic garden stools that appear in every magazine and throughout the Pinterest pages. They are a perfect accessory for the porch or nestled in your garden.

The only problem is that they can be quite pricy. I’ve seem them upward of $150! Even on sale, I’ve not seen one for less than $60.

Then much to my delight, I was driving by a garage sale down the street from my house and low and behold was a yellow ceramic garden stool!!

It was calling my name…”Summer! Come take me!” And the best part is that it was only $15!!

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Finished Bathroom: It’s all in the details

What made this bathroom come together were all the little details. I started looking at the traditional items available in the big box stores, but they just didn’t have the character that fit this house.

This room required creativity and lots of it! Not only with the functional design, but with all the little touches. From Home Depot to the flea market, its all about finding that right mix.

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