Finished Bathroom: It’s all in the details

What made this bathroom come together were all the little details. I started looking at the traditional items available in the big box stores, but they just didn’t have the character that fit this house.

This room required creativity and lots of it! Not only with the functional design, but with all the little touches. From Home Depot to the flea market, its all about finding that right mix.

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The Bathroom Unveiled!

WE DID IT!! After eight long months, we finally finished our bathroom renovation in April 2015. It turned out absolutely amazing!!!  Every time I enter the room, I can’t believe that it’s ours!

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Demolition Phase: Main Bathroom

Day one of the demolition: September 6, 2014

We stripped all the plaster and lathe from the bathroom walls. Those skinny horizontal boards are lathe for those who have never experienced tearing down walls in an older home. Plaster is pushed between the slats and smoothed flat to become walls.

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