Upcycled Painted Dresser

From Trash (literally) to Treasure!

Living in an old house means that storage is minimal so there is always a need for other means of storage.

My husband was walking the dog one day and found this dresser along the curb. I came racing home from work with the SUV and hauled it home. I painted it and turned it into a fun piece of furniture.

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Upcycled Vintage Ladder

Re-purposed Ladder

Derek found this old wooden ladder when he was cleaning out the garage. He dumped it by the roadside as freebee trash.

I’m not sure about your neighborhood, but there are a lot of “dumpster divers” or in our case, “curbside shoppers” who take things either for their own projects or to sell, especially if it’s metal. Derek put an old metal fan out one time and it was gone before he made it back in the house!

Fortunately, I saw him put the ladder out and was able to rescue it in time!

The ladder looks pretty old. It has that nice textured grain that becomes more prominent over time.

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