Our First Renovation Project

So everyone’s dream bathroom is a 1950’s shoebox, right? The wallpaper is pretty charming…

This cramped blue room is the only full bathroom in our farmhouse and before we moved in, we knew it had to go!

Bathroom blog-4

There was no way I could fit half of my toiletries, let alone two adults in this bathroom.

Bathroom blog-3

We looked into building a dormer to give us a full height ceiling, but after receiving an astronomical quote, we decided we could learn to live with the roof slope.

Our solution to gaining extra square footage was to expand into the hallway closet.

By the way, the closet curtain (hanging on the rod) and the window drapes were the same pattern as the red wallpaper and on the carpet on the stairs was bright red.

Bathroom blog-1

These pictures were taken before we moved into the house. The house was in for a big surprise!

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