Farmhouse garden before pictures.

The pictures were taken in July, shortly before we purchased the property. There are a couple of magnificent 60+ year old Honey Locus trees on the property that provide excellent shade for the house. Four lilac bushes and hundreds of day lilies add to the mature, although overgrown, landscape.

Southwest corner

Garden 2014- Front of house

The south side

Our front lilac bush is going a little haywire! In case you’re wondering, it’s the bush shooting to the left covering the porch door.

Garden 2014-3

Southeast corner

Note that the sidewalk has been swallowed by the enormous lilac bush!

Garden 2014-2

South side from the other angle.

I’m dying to get the trimmers out…

Garden 2014-5

The east side

The tree growing out of the porch is, believe it or not, just an overgrown shoot from a tree stump.

Our property also includes a woodsy area to the right of our driveway facing east; however, we neglected to capture a picture of it in 2014.

For being so close to the downtown, our yard is actually pretty large. We didn’t do much in 2014 other than open up the passage way between the front and back door.  We are excited to tackle the garden so look for more posts to come with updates on our progress.

Garden 2014-1

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