America’s Worst Kitchen!

Our kitchen most definitely falls into the category of one of the worst kitchens. It has not been updated since at least the 50’s and is in desperate need of a makeover. The only thing holding up the cracking walls is the layers of blue wallpaper!

When we remodel, we intend to blend modern functionality with vintage farmhouse charm.

Worst kitchen in America! My outdated kitchen is not functional and has almost no counter space. #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

It is fortunate that I am not a chef because there is is almost no counter space. We added a portable island for food prep and extra storage.

Sometimes we use the wash machine as extra counter space. Who can say their wash machine does double duty as a food station!

This house is full of oddities including weird outlets. There are no outlets by the counter, but we do have a ceiling outlet (above the light)!

My kitchen also doubles as my laundry room. The wash machine does double duty as cooking prep space. #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

We have a big kitchen, square footage wise, but the layout is just not functional. Once we remodel the kitchen, we will have to find smart ways to maximize storage and work around the obstacles of 3 doorways and 3 windows.

My kitchen is closed off from the main living space and has 3 doorways and 3 windows making it difficult to find usable space. It is in desperate need of a makeover! #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

Dishwasher Woes!

When we bought the house it came without a dishwasher. A couple months of doing dishes by hand was about all this modern couple could take. We found this awesome LG Dishwasher on sale and had it put in right before winter last year (2015).

Who knew the kitchen wouldn’t hold heat very well and the floor beneath the dishwasher would drop below 32 degrees during winter. This caused a plastic valve under the dishwasher to freeze. We thought we fixed the situation by wrapping insulation around the waterline, however, that was not the case.

Last winter we left for a weekend and the temperatures dropped. The dishwasher piece froze and cracked. As the temperatures warmed the next day, the water thawed. Water went everywhere including into the basement and ran along the heater duct directly into the furnace. As you might guess, the furnace did not like water and experienced a cruel watery death. The house was in the 30’s when we got home that cold February weekend!

Lessons learned and we now have a heater in the kitchen and insulated the basement ceiling below the kitchen AND we don’t travel in winter!

However, the piece froze and busted again this winter! Fortunately Derek was home and saw the water before any damage was done. He added another board below the dishwasher lined with insulation. This seemed to do the trick! Who knew having a dishwasher would be so difficult!

Disfunctional outdated kitchen. Depsite new windows, a portable heater is needed to keep the kitchen warm during winter.

The disgusting ceiling.


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